How Big Data Can Help With Streamlined Fleet Tracking

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According to a survey by eyefortransport, almost half of businesses considered that the biggest benefit of adopting fleet tracking technologies was the improvement of fuel and route management. What makes these technologies so effective in these areas of activity? The collection and the analysis of the “big data” such as mileage, route speeds, fuel usage and delivery times are responsible for these impressive improvements.

By identifying the most important metric for tracking your vehicles, you can improve your business in the areas you are the most interested in such as safety, operation costs and delivery times.

Routing Data

By knowing your driver, your truck and your delivery location, you may be able to determine the most efficient route to take your driver from A to B. You may even be able to figure out which of the alternative routes is the most effective during the morning rush hour by comparison to the mid-afternoon. The problem appears when you start adding more drivers, trucks and routes, as the analysis of all incoming data can easily eat up a very large part of your time. All these incoming informational streams that enter a single system are defined as “big data.”

Your GPS tracking system is able …

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