How Big Data can Help Cab Aggregators

Gone are those days when folks would have to stand and wait for taxis or cabs to pick them up and drop them to their destinations. Now, it’s at their fingertips. Cabs are, well and truly, only a touch away. It has indeed become so easy. No more hollering or wasting your time. But we should realise that there is a lot going on behind the scenes, getting you the cab. Do they not have problems, covering so many cities, countries and continents? Yes, they do. They have problems galore. One such set of problems can be solved by Big Data and its analysis.

The global cab aggregator space is undergoing cut throat competition. New players are finding it increasingly hard to differentiate themselves from their peers. Ever since their inception, customer retention and ensuring good ride experience has always been of maximum importance. With abundant data at their disposal, it becomes important for the senior management to consider solutions that uncover actionable insights and deliver customer expectations. It is no longer just a game of marketing, as simply competing through offers and promotional codes wouldn’t always result in revenue. The key is simple, real time exploratory data analytics.

Ever wondered why …

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