How Big Data Analytics Boosts Cyber Security

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As more and more parts of our lives become connected to the internet, and more of our daily transactions take place online, cybersecurity is becoming an increasingly important topic. Just as modern technology changes more quickly than ever before, so do cyber criminals create newer and faster ways to target and rip off organizations. New malware is difficult to detect using previous strategies, which means we need new cybersecurity strategies to ensure commercial security.

One such new strategy is to use big data analytics. Big data analytics is an automated process by which a computer system examines large and varied sets of data to find patterns and trends. It is currently used to help companies track customer preferences and therefore better target their products and advertisements to specific users. However, with some reprogramming, those same big data analytics could be used to detect, respond to, and ultimately prevent cybercrime.

Here are some ways that big data analytics could help in the fight against cyber criminals.

1. Identifying Anomalies in Device and Employee Behavior

It is nigh-on impossible for a human user to manually analyze the millions of alerts that internet customers generate each month and pick out the valid ones from the threats. A …

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