How Automation Will Change Work In 2018

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When automation first became prominent — that is, when everyone started to take notice somewhere within the last couple of years — a lot of doomsayers claimed AI was going to take over the workforce. Many still believe that advanced automation and AI systems are going to replace human laborers completely.

Two professors from Oxford named Carl Frey and Michael Osborne took time to analyze over 700 occupations, after which they declared that 69 million US jobs, 47% of the workforce, would be lost to automation. Several news outlets, including CNBC, also reported that many Americans were worried their careers and jobs would suffer because of automation.

The reality is, most of this is not likely to happen. AI and automation will take some opportunities, but they will create new ones as well.

About 9% of US jobs will disappear due to automation in 2018, but an additional 2% will be introduced because of the “automation economy” or systems involved. The amount of jobs affected is much lower than many claimed, not to mention the systems and hardware are doing the opposite — creating work.

But surely there’s some amount of change coming, right? You can’t just overhaul the entire market with automation, AI, machine learning …

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