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Over the years, e-commerce has definitely evolved. From the early attempts of business to go online when the Internet was launched, to the dot-com collapse of 2000, up to its resurgence, and up to now that it’s flourishing all over the world, e-commerce has improved a lot.

E-commerce is an innovation and nothing is stopping it from evolving. As we move forward to a smarter, more technology-driven future, it is certain that e-commerce will stay, and will continue to develop further.

One of the technologies that are seen to revolutionize e-commerce in the near term is augmented reality. E-commerce’s biggest shortfalls are the lack of experience for its customers. With augmented reality, this might just change.

What Augmented Reality Means for Mobile Shopping

It’s not new that a bigger chunk of e-commerce activity is going on in handheld devices as compared to desktop computers. The direction of e-commerce is seen to be going the direction of mobile as people are more on-the-go. But don’t take out desktop e-commerce yet as it still plays an integral role.

Augmented reality generally appeals to two factors in mobile e-commerce: intent and mobile friction.


While it is true that mobile e-commerce is growing, it’s, particularly for a specific intent. Shoppers …

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