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The technological revolution is bringing sweeping change to every area of our lives. As new methods of doing things usher away the old ways, life is getting easier, the world is increasingly connected, and we are presented with a greater range of opportunities than ever before. The advent of increasingly complex technology will only speed up the pace of transformation. The world of the future might be a very unfamiliar place, indeed.

That is true, too, of our cities. Sprawling metropolises and their features are a site familiar to most of us – either from personal experience or through media exposure. Conventional taxis, conventional buildings, and conventional problems, such as parking, will all be missing from a very unfamiliar sort of city. New chances to do new things will render today’s cities obsolete, replaced with something, hopefully, better.

Not all change is good, but the digital renaissance brings new chances for cities to better work for their citizens, to present them with something better, to make their lives easier. So how are cities planning to make use of the evolution in tech to benefit us? Here are some of the ways the cities of tomorrow will differ to what we’re used to …

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