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The algorithmic organisation is an organisation built around smart algorithms. Algorithms that define company processes, that deliver customer services, that take action when necessary and as such define the way the world works. Thanks to machine learning and deep learning, these algorithms will be able to understand user and/or device behaviour, learn from users and/or devices and perform the right action accordingly. Algorithms will optimise your supply-chain, they will drive your cars, they will monitor your robots, they will determine the right marketing message, and they will even become your boss.

The algorithmic organisation has the potential to change society, and the recent developments are bringing us closer to the holy grail of artificial intelligence: Artificial General Intelligence (AGI), which means artificial intelligence as smart as mankind. Artificial general intelligence is becoming possible because of deep learning. However, deep learning requires tremendous amounts of data, which is exactly what the Internet of Things will deliver. Therefore, for us to reach AGI, a fully-functioning Internet of Things seems to be a pre-requisite.

The Internet of Things and Brontobytes

Currently, there are approximately 10 billion connected devices, with the number reaching 20 billion in 2020, 29 billion – 42 billion in 2022 and 75 billion …

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