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Already, AI is making waves in most industries. Experts are expecting that it will have a huge impact on most aspects of our lives, including helping us drive better, take over for customer support at businesses, and even provide each of us with a personal assistant.

One of AI’s biggest advantages over humans is its ability to analyze massive amounts of data and handle multiple tasks at once. Alongside humans, AI can also learn and constantly improve at a task to best accomplish its goal. If that goal is to help us be healthier, then it could really make an impact in the personal health world.

Combining IoT Health Devices With an AI

Fitbits, smartwatches, calorie trackers — heck, there is even a smart fork that tells you how quickly to eat. We have tons of devices designed to track our personal health, each inputting quite a bit of data. Some try to use that data to better themselves, but it’s likely a lot of useful data goes unused.

Enter AI into monitoring your health. An AI could fully analyze data from IoT devices to help the user better understand their health efforts. By analyzing this data over time, combined with personal assessments of …

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