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With the many, many uses of AI, we’re seeing an increase in researchers, scientists, organisations and start-ups of all kinds looking at ways we can leverage this technology for good. 

Whilst ‘high-technology’ has become synonymous with high wages, and high investment, there are loads of projects out there applying this technology to poverty reduction. Harnessing the power of AI to help the most desperate in our society is a fantastic way to use it. 

So, how is this being done? 

Recognising the causes of poverty is key in looking at how to tackle the problems using technologies. From natural disasters, war and conflict, affordable food, lack of education and life skills. AI can help to identify the region’s most in need of help. Tackling poverty in specific regions through improving farming lands and agriculture, increasing education and helping inhabitants learning new skills to support communities. AI can also help with aid distribution in poorer and war-torn areas, or where natural disasters have caused devastation. 

Identifying poverty, and the regions that are most in need is a key component in being able to tackle the problem of poverty. Satellite imagery is helping researchers do just this. An abundance of images taken by satellites on a …

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