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The pace of the business world is moving quickly, and businesses are scrambling to find ways to stay ahead of their competition. Tech is especially hot right now, with startups all over the country trying to be the next Facebook. So how can tech companies compete, excel and grow? By hiring innovators, better leaders, and more women.

To succeed in tech, companies have to hire bright and innovative people. A resume can only show so much about a person’s character, work ethic, and skills. Companies need to be willing to consider other criteria and emphasize candidates who think differently and will bring in new perspectives. Here’s why bringing innovators, leaders, and women into tech roles can help a business succeed.

To be an Innovator You Need Leadership Skills

Although you might think of an innovator as someone who works alone in a room coming up with big ideas, the truth is that the skillsets of leaders and innovators overlap significantly. Both innovators and leaders must be experienced, confident, and able to empower those around them.

Think about it. The masterminds behind some of the world’s biggest companies, like Apple and Ford, had the big ideas. They were also known for their leadership. Leaders need …

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