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The end of the year is a time when people often engage keep an eye on societal trends. One characteristic to be aware of about 2018 is that it was a year full of scams.

Here are six of the most eye-opening and worrisome statistics:

1. Spam Comprised More Than Half of Email Traffic in May 2018

Many people using email services don’t realize how much spam they receive, specifically since brands like Gmail filter out apparent junk mail.

But, just because internet users may not see spam as often as they used to doesn’t mean it’s not still widespread. A Q2 analysis of spam for 2018 found that May was the most active month for it — when the junk mail accounted for 50.65 percent of email traffic.

Plus, May wasn’t even the worst month for spam in 2018. Both January and February showed totals of over 50 percent according to the report.

2. Mobile Phone-Related Scam Calls Saw Approximately a 25-Percent Jump Since 2017

Initially, telephone scammers primarily targeted landlines, but since many people gave up landline numbers in favor of mobile phones criminals had to adapt, too. A report from First Orion analyzed nearly 50 billion mobile phone calls people received across 18 months.

The …

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