Health Privacy Toolkit

The toolkit brings together new guidance material with material we’ve already produced, and puts it all together in one convenient place.

Health information privacy is about making sure patients and staff know what’s being done with their health information, and why. Collecting, using and disclosing health information to provide care should never be a problem. But when you do get questions about privacy, the information in this kit will help to give you the answers you need.

See the Health Information Privacy Code 1994 and commentary. This code of practice applies specific rules to agencies in the health sector to better ensure the protection of individual privacy.

On the Record (a practical guide to health privacy). On the Record is a ready reference guide for managing common situations that people in the health sector face.

Brochure for Health consumers

and some translations:

Health Information Privacy Fact Sheets:

Health-related privacy case notes:

Health-related Human Rights Review Tribunal cases:

Health-related High Court case:

  • L v L, High Court Auckland, AP95-SW01, 31 May 2002

Health practitioners, privacy officers, and members of the public with an interest in the sometimes complex issues around mental health and privacy may, also find the Privacy Commissioner’s Guidance Material on Mental Health Information useful.

Additional resources:

Comparison paper on health privacy laws