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On Wednesday, March 14, Google announced that it would no longer run advertisements from cryptocurrency agencies on its massive and dominating search engine platform. As the largest online advertisement provider in the world, Google has unmatched authority and as such, is the go-to spot for companies looking to boost their visibility, build brand exposure and gain instant access to an overwhelming audience of interested users.

While Google’s news came as a surprise to some, there were signs pointing to it for months. In January 2018, Facebook took similar measures to oust cryptocurrency agencies from its sidebar advertisements as well. The ban, which is expected to go into full effect this June, had an immediate effect. The value of Bitcoin, arguably the most well-known and popular form of digital currency on the market, dropped to below $8,000 the day of the news release. That 9% drop is significant and undoubtedly left eager investors on edge, but it’s still less than the 12% that Bitcoin dropped back in January following the Facebook announcement.

The reason behind the greater dip two months ago can be attributed to the fact that Facebook cracked down not only on the cryptocurrency market, but also on binary options and …

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