Gear Up for the Smart Video Revolution

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The technology revolution promises to deliver a lot of rewards for organizations that take it by the horns and implement it. The spread of the Internet across every facet of society has meant that the traditional approach to watching videos has changed. Research shows that the average American is still fond of watching videos on the traditional television. The interest in watching TV results in around five hours per day and a whooping 149 hours per month.   

But are these stats a true representation of what is happening in American society? The average American citizen has cut down on TV viewing by more than six to eight hours per month. However, the interest in videos has not dwindled. Instead, it is now being directed towards what we come across on the Internet. During the last quarter of last year, an average American citizen spent four extra hours per month on streaming and watching videos over the Internet. The formats and the source might change, but the love for videos and what they offer is something that will tend to remain constant over time.  

The changing trends do suggest that we are indeed a part of the video revolution. Understanding the needs of …

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