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As someone who loves retail and the technology behind it, looking back at how things were done in the past, really lets me appreciate how far we have come. Consumers no longer see a distinction between online and offline shopping. Whether it’s searching on a laptop, browsing main street shops or hanging out at the mall — it’s all shopping. This evolution of shopping behaviour has brought some drastic changes in the way sales and marketing operate in a retail set up. The one on one relationship that a corner store thrived on has translated into a different kind of conversation, a conversation with machines. I am not talking about some sci-fi, ‘Ex-Machina’ kind of stuff, but how machines, more specifically the algorithms within those machines are enabling marketers have 1 to 1 conversations: at scale. Imagine you walk into a party and have the ability say a hi, ask a how are you, and have an individual conversation with a hundred, different people at the party: at the same time. That’s superpower is what makes today’s retail fascinating.

Roles within the retail organisation have had to adopt and adapt to newer ways of working, and none more so than the roles within marketing. You …

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