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It’s not difficult to see that robots will continue to play substantial roles in society this year. However, there are some robotics trends likely to be especially prominent. Let’s explore them.

1. Collaborative Robots Used in Manufacturing to Support Labor Needs

Collaborative robots — sometimes called cobots — are those that work alongside humans to help them do tasks faster. They’re mainly popular in manufacturing since companies frequently run tight schedules and know failing to keep pace is a costly problem.

Throughout the United States and Europe, manufacturing plants are increasingly relying on cobots, and that trend should continue beyond this year, too. Statistics from a report published by the International Federation of Robotics indicate a projected 15 percent growth rate in industrial robotics from 2018-2020 and show cobots taking a leading role in propelling that increase.

They typically perform low-skill, repetitive tasks while humans handle the matters that need additional critical thinking skills. Also, a German auto manufacturer was able to use a cobot to work night shifts, giving humans time to rest while achieving a 24-hour operating schedule.

These are just some of the ways cobots are helping conquer skill shortages in the manufacturing sector — without leaving humans jobless.

2. The Rise of Robotics …

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