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Big Data services could run the gamut from assessments of data to business strategy to implementation. The services are offered by various business organisations, beyond systems integrators, VARs and IT consultants.

Originally, big data emerged as a term that describes sets of data who size is beyond the ability of traditional databases for capturing, storing, managing and analysing. Nevertheless, the scope of the term has expanded considerably over the years. Big data does not only refer to the data itself but a set of technologies as well, which capture, store, manage and analyse big and varied data collections for solving complex issues.

Amid the proliferation of data in real time, from sources like web, mobile devices, sensors, social media, transactional apps, log files, big data found a host of vertical market apps, which range from detection of fraud to scientific research and discovery. Regardless of the challenges which relate to privacy issues and organisational resistance, investments in big data continue gaining momentum for more than $57 billion in 2017 alone. The investments are further expected to grow at CAGR of approximately ten percent for the next three years.

Essential Resources Needed for Big Data Analytics

Big data consulting has become a viable option for software development …

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