Finding the IoT Sales Experts of the World

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After years of evangelization and waiting for the promises of the Internet of Things (IoT) to come true it seems that we are finally close to reaching the trough of disillusionment phase. We begin to forget all the hype generated so far and focus on reality. A harsh reality that involves selling IoT and not continuing selling smoke anymore.


Selling the Internet of Things is perhaps more complex than the sale of other disruptive technologies such as Big Data, Cloud or AI and maybe as complex as Blockchain today. In the article “ Welcome to the first “Selling IoT” Master Class!” I commented how it should be the evolution of M2M Vendors to sell the Internet of Things and how it should be the evolution of IT Technology Vendors to sell IoT. However, many of these companies still have difficulty in forming and finding good (re)sellers of IoT.

The truth is that nowadays it does not make any sense to sell IoT as a technology. Enterprise buyers only want to buy solutions that provide measurable business outcomes while, on the other side, many IoT Vendors only want to sell their portfolio of products and services that have …

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