Fifteen more Manitoba entrepreneurs become startup skill ready


Fifteen entrepreneurs with diverse backgrounds and business ideas came together at another Launch’Pad Startup Skills Workshop to receive ‘lean startup’ training and get clear direction on what they need to do to get their businesses off the ground.

The entrepreneurs ranged from TechFuture winners – whose $3,000 award is contingent on receiving the training – to startups whose products have been in development for years and are ready to be commercialized.

“It was our largest Workshop to-date,” said Jan Lederman, president of Innovate Manitoba. “We continue to see not only increasing numbers of entrepreneurs, but also increasing sophistication. This was a really solid group.”


Daniel Blair

One participant who is all-in with his startup business was Daniel Blair with Panoplā (Pano-play).  He now has 12 employees as part of his larger business called Bit Space Development.

“The event was fantastic for me,” said Blair. We’re moving really quick at Bitspace, and as a developer that has recently transitioned to CEO, it was incredibly valuable for me to stop and look at my business from a higher level perspective. It’s night and day from what I was taught in business school.” 

Blair is already taking real action as a result of the Workshop.

“It really helped me identify goals and milestones for the business, as well as potential funding opportunists that we hadn’t previously considered and I am already pursuing.  I’m already really excited for the 3.5 days Launch’Pad Bootcamp next year.”

The Workshop even had few students participating. One such student was Yao Xue, who is developing technology that will allow consumers to keep track of and access their own healthcare data.

“The Workshop was excellent,” said Xue. “And I also really hope to attend Lift’Off on June 18. I’ve read Lean Analytics by Alistair Croll and would love to hear him speak.”


Murray Waldman

One of the more mature participants, both in how far along he is with his product and in terms of business experience was Murray Waldman with Sunnex Biotechologies. He also found the Workshop to be very valuable.

“I had my doubts about how much value a Workshop like this could provide me,” said Waldman. “But I walked away with a some critical pieces of information that I anticipate will prove invaluable towards my ability to raise capital.”

Waldman also came to the conclusion that he needs to get a better handle on his market; he intends on applying for Innovate Manitoba’s Market Intelligence Program.

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