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As organizations entered the Big Data era, there was a myriad of challenges on their way of storing it, but, with the introduction of a plethora of frameworks, everything worked out just fine. However, now the focus has moved from storing to processing which, by God’s grace, is being taken care of by Data Science and there is an infographic designed by Data Science Council of America (DASCA) to prove that.

Data Science has the power to transform the notions from sci-fi movies into reality. So, you can surely imagine the value addition that it can make to the business arena. In point of fact, companies are overwhelmed with the inexplicable explosion of data, hence, they are delighted to come across data science that owns the potential to swipe their problems away.

For those who do not know, organizations are overburdened with high volumes of unstructured data that is coming from financial logs, multimedia forms, text files and a multitude of other sources. And fortunately, this data can be utilized to attract immense profits only if a company cracks the formula to make profound use of Data science.

If it takes the right route, nothing can stop a business from making the best …

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