Ethical Concerns for AI and Big Data

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AI and Big Data have both been boons to the corporations that use them. They make it simpler for data analysts to understand the interests of the demographics being addressed, and they can help companies large and small improve the appeal of their products and advertisements. There has been, however, a natural backlash against the use of AI and Big Data. Many sources have cited the use of both – especially when users are unaware of their presence – as unethical and invasive. This is a genuine concern worth considering as AI and Big Data are used more frequently in companies of all sizes and interests.

Certain ethical lines need to be considered, and those at the head of particular companies need to have an open dialogue with the audience they’re serving in order to ensure that both AI and Big Data are being used effectively and ethically. At the moment, there are certain quirks of the deep learning algorithms and network tapping that read a little too 1984 for some folks. In considering these aspects, so too can solutions be considered that will better balance the relationship between technology and the individual.

Deep Learning Algorithms

Deep learning algorithms work within the existing …

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