Effective website privacy notices

Giving notice to website visitors about how your agency collects and uses personal information is good practice. An effective approach to this task is to use a layered privacy notice, and we have recommended ’10 Steps to develop a multilayered privacy notice’ as a source of detailed information.

Now, based upon continuing collaboration with a small group of NZ agencies who are piloting the layered notice approach, the Office of the Privacy Commissioner has published ‘Questions & Answers About Layered Privacy Notices’. In the form of questions and answers, we state why a layered privacy notice can improve communication about how your agency handles personal information. It explains how layered notices structure information in a way that readers can recognise, gives reasons why the layered notice structure can meet the needs of agencies large and small, and introduces a simple process you can adopt to create your own.

Collaboration with pilot agencies is not yet complete. Hence, the information shared in ‘Questions and Answers’ is a work in progress and may expand or change as we learn from experience.

Click the link to see ‘Questions and Answers about Layered Privacy Notices’.

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