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Google and other search services filter the websites so that it could match your likes and needs best. Google knows a lot about its users. Your search engine is aware of your gender, age, the person you mean when typing ‘Luke’, the websites you would love to visit, etc. This is handy. Under such circumstances, it is all about getting the expected results. In addition, contextual ads coupled with discounts help your bargaining.

Some people would not appreciate that though. For instance, Internet activist Eli Pariser believes a filter bubble limits the liberties of a person blocking new ideas and important news.

The privacy-oriented search engine called DuckDuckGo recently reported over thirty million queries a day processed by its search service. DuckDuckGo has added 50% to its market value in a single year and continues to grow rapidly ensuring no or strictly limited intervention to the user’s personal data.

According to the message shared by the company, the growth rate is quickly progressing. Their Tweeter stated that DuckDuckGo reached the benchmark of ten million searches a day in seven years since launching the business. However, other ten million searches a day were added in two years only, and the third ten million daily …

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