Don’t Be Left Behind With the New IT Revolution

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The world has seen massive technological leaps in the last ten years or so. Innovations such as multi-touch tablets, cloud computing, smartphones, robotics, etc. have revolutionized the way we live and work. There is some kind of a ‘digital mesh’ surrounding each one of us, ambient and continuous experiences continue to emerge in a bid to exploit. Think about it, in the last 24 hours, you probably have had several moments of continuous communication with people using devices — smartphones, tablets, computers, etc. — apps, and other services.

Tsunami of New Technologies

Virtually every aspect of our lives has been hit by the tsunami of new technologies. Our businesses, in particular, have experienced a lot of disruption and mind you, we are just getting started, believe it or not. There is more to come. While it’s impossible to predict what exactly will happen in the future vis-à-vis technology, we can use emerging trends to make an educated guess of what the future holds when it comes to IT. Here are some of the top technological/computing trends that will be driving the new IT revolution.

GPU Processors

We use computers in many aspects of our lives; working, gaming, entertainment, etc. The Central Processing Unit (CPU), …

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