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In the world of networking, a brand carries with its strength and dependability, and because of that, consumers usually opt for a brand name over something they’ve never heard of before. At least, that’s what marketing believes. While hyperscale data center business like Amazon and Google might have depended on names like Dell and Cisco in the past, now, according to Network World, more and more of them are leaning towards white box servers.

White box servers tend to be cheaper and more easily upgradable than the current industry market leaders, and the scariest part (at least if you’re in marketing for Dell or Cisco) is that there isn’t a single company that these white box servers are linked to, and so they don’t even have an advertising campaign that can be studied and copied. The real question is: are white box servers really that great an investment?

Enterprises are Wary

Enterprise level data servers haven’t taken the same enthusiastic approach to white box servers. The reason why white box servers tend to be more prevalent in massive data centers is that of the availability of these systems for bulk production. Additionally, another important distinction between brand-name manufacturers and white box server installs …

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