Digital Transformation Through Big Data, Analytics & Machine Learning

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Can you imagine collecting data from 10,000 different data sources from over 65 billion records?

That’s exactly what RELX Group, a leading global information and analytics company, is doing to evolve with the Intelligent World. They have undergone a digital transformation to adapt to the ever changing digital landscape. They are achieving transformation through their control over Big Data and Analytics, and by using Machine Learning technology.

I spoke to Vijay Raghavan, the CTO for the LexisNexis Risk Solutions and Reed Business Information divisions at RELX Group, to find out how they help other organizations to make more informed, data driven decisions. 

Whether RELX Group is working with a financial institution and needs to approve a mortgage loan. Relx Group is leveraging Big Data and Analytics and Machine Learning to help these very different industries address these very specific issues by creating or enhancing algorithms in order to garner insights from data.

Our world is being shaped by our technology. Data must be leveraged to make decisions so that businesses can evolve alongside the rapid pace of technology.

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