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The age of technology is way past its nascent stage and has grown exponentially during the last decade. In my role, travelling to events and meeting with thought leaders I am aware of the developments made across different technological fronts. During these events, I have had the opportunity to meet and greet some of the brightest marketing minds. One such person, who is playing an imperative role in ensuring the smooth run of things in both Ericsson and across the digital sphere, is Eva Hedfors.

Eva Hedfors, who is the Head of Marketing and Communications at Ericsson Digital Services, is a leading driver in evolving the perception of Ericsson as a partner to operators transformation from Communication Service Providers to Digital Service providers. I had the opportunity to first meet Eva during Ericsson studio tour in Kista, Sweden. During our first meeting, I could tell of her knowledgeable insights and the positive vision she had. Just recently I had the opportunity of interviewing her for a topic she will be presenting in a webinar on the 20th of June. The topic of the webinar – Digital Meets 5G; Shaping the CXO Agenda – is up for interpretation, and she did give me …

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