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The only realistic solution to solving the enterprise data loss problem is data decentralization.  I once heard a talk by a great CSO and his comment really stuck with me. Hackers can fail 999 times out of 1000 and still be very successful but we have to succeed every single time or we have failed.  The reality is that the best and brightest companies get hacked and it’s not because they aren’t skilled to prevent them. It’s simply a numbers game. Eventually, systems get so large and so many entry points exist that even the best and brightest can’t stop the 1 in 1000.  Once a hacker gets access to any data they likely get all of it. Why is this the case? It’s because most data is stored in a single database or in a single file repository. The model is flawed. The rise of blockchain technologies and the model of decentralization should be a guide on how to do this better.  

What does it mean to have your data decentralized?  That your processing and data reside all over on possibly many thousands of machines.  If this sounds a little scary let’s not forget what’s already happening in the …

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