Data Center Development: 3 Structural Considerations

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A poorly constructed data center is a major security and operations threat in today’s environment, yet many businesses lack a fundamental understanding of what goes into a secure system. This raises two questions – why do businesses lack this knowledge and what constitutes best practices in the field? If field leaders can transmit this information and standardize material practices, everyone would benefit from safer data.

The Knowledge Gap

The main reason that businesses build sub-par data centers is that they rely on contractors to do the work or they rely on prefabricated centers. That means that, even if the user-side has done some research on the project, they don’t need to have a complete grasp on the construction side. We leave these jobs to specialists for a reason.

The downside to relying on professionals is that it’s easy to be taken advantage of through cost-cutting measures or in an attempt to speed up the data center deployment process. Companies should avoiding selecting contractors based on the metaphorical race to the finish, even if they think it will provide some competitive edge.

Withstanding The Storm

Companies know that hackers are a major threat to data centers, but what many don’t account for are the long-term effects …

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