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The digital and physical world share some eerie similarities. One of the main ones being the abundance of people who have bad dispositions. Evildoers continually hunt for exploitable targets. This isn’t something only big businesses should be concerned with. Small to medium-sized businesses also need to be vigilant. There are many great reasons for this today.

The Growing Cybercriminal Culture

There are a few things that we’re seeing more of today. These are factors you should be on the lookout for. They include:

Ransomware is on the Rise

During a ransomware attack, criminals infect your computer or your network with a virus that encrypts data. Once you’re infected, the criminals demand payment in exchange for the return of your data. This typically happens via a pop-up window. Businesses who do a good job at backing up their data can probably ignore the threat, wipe their system clean, and start again from your last backup. Otherwise, you may need to pay the ransom. While you could end up paying anywhere from hundreds to thousands of dollars, this doesn’t guarantee that you’ll have your data returned. When you factor in the loss of productivity and the cost of recovering files, it’s easy to see how cybercrime …

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