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Conversational Interfaces such as Voice Interfaces and chatbots are replacing customer care executives that used to solve our queries on long, unending calls. They are the new age assistants who are revolutionising the way brands interact with consumers. Some businesses have chatbots or other conversational UIs as their primary mode of interaction with their online traffic due to the advantages it has over employees.

Chatbots are certainly here to stay as they make the process far easier with just a simple text message and saves our time that we would otherwise spend on figuring out the complex apps and websites.

Following are some of the benefits of chatbots as conversational interfaces:

Gauging the user attention

Unlike the usual customer care calls where you had to wait until the information is fed into the system manually and processed, chatbots give crisp and precise information instantly, eliminating all the unnecessary information. Also, chatbots ask short and to the point questions which prevents users from getting distracted, thereby, saving overall turnaround time.

Chatbots are mostly designed with in-built options which are given to the users when they ask a certain question. This further reduces the probability of giving any incorrect information to the users.

Better cost effectiveness

With chatbots, major …

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