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There’s a dark side to outsourcing business services.

Beyond the advantages of cost efficiency and flexibility, outsourcing comes with inherent security risks. Investing heavily in securing your in-house network isn’t enough. One misstep when working with a third-party service provider can give attackers direct access to your most sensitive data regardless of your perimeter defenses.

According to a 2018 Ponemon Institute study, 59% of companies have experienced a third-party data breach. And in light of this fact, 51% of CISOs now see the failure to control third-party data usage as a major security concern.

When collaborating with third-party service providers, you need a way to maintain control of your sensitive data. With proper endpoint security, you can control access and mitigate the risks of a third-party breach.

Learning from major third-party data breaches

In 2013, in one of the largest data breaches of all time, retail giant Target’s systems were compromised as a result of credentials stolen from a third-party HVAC vendor.

The stolen credentials gave attackers access to the HVAC vendor’s billing, contract submission, and project management platform. This level of access helped attackers compromise the HVAC vendor’s VPN credentials for Target’s network. And, as a result, the attackers were able to remotely access Target’s …

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