The approach toward investing in cryptocurrencies and other blockchain projects depends on who does it, why, when and how. Investment portfolios of average consumers (this category potentially includes anyone who thinks about their financial future) look very different from those of an ICO angel investor. While the first will tryRead More →

When it comes to protecting sensitive information and maintaining strong healthcare data security, it is not a matter of revolutionary changes, but rather evolutionary change, according to Kate Borten, president and founder of The Marblehead Group. In an interview with Borten explained that even with the technological advances, coveredRead More →

Privacy issues have been in the news lately for all the wrong reasons. Horrific ISIS attacks in Beirut, Paris, and Cairo these last few weeks have sparked international condemnation and outrage, and a political and media push for drastic action. Fear has fuelled an emotional response from politicians and mediaRead More →

Bank denies collecting general information about what customers do online Source By Rosa Marchitelli, Go Public, CBC News A B.C. man decided to Go Public after discovering Canada’s second-biggest bank can access and collect information on all of its customers’ online activities, even those that aren’t banking-related. CBC News investigates  ​ ColinRead More →

Last month, the Ponemon Institute released its sixth annual report on the global cost of cyber crime. The report covered cyber crime incidents in the UK, Germany, Australia, Japan, Russia, Brazil, and the US using a sample of 252 organizations, concluding that the average annual cost of cyber crime acrossRead More →