Case Note 212156 [2010] NZPrivCmr 8: Personal information on internet was publicly available

A polytechnic course that taught English gave students a paper which contained a photograph of a woman with lines of text beneath. The text consisted of basic sentences such as: ‘My name is .. and I live in ……’. Students were asked to copy the text as part of their lessons.The woman whose photograph appears on the paper complained that she did not consent to her photo being used by the polytechnic. The woman contacted the polytechnic. It apologised for using her image without consent and said it had removed her image from the paper. The woman was not happy with the apology.We notified the polytechnic under principle 10 of the Privacy Act and asked how it had obtained the woman’s photograph.Use of personal informationPrinciple 10 provides that an agency that holds personal information obtained in connection with one purpose should not use the information for any other purpose unless…

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