Case Note 211597 [2010] NZ Priv Cmr 20: Client requests information about her supervised access visits with her children

The Family Court ordered that a woman’s visits with her children should be supervised through an approved supervised access service. After some months the woman asked the supervised access service to provide a report of her visits with her children that included the staff’s observations about her interaction with her children. The supervised access service refused the woman’s request, saying that it was the centre’s policy to provide a report about supervised access visits only if it was requested by the lawyer appointed by the Family Court to represent the children. The centre’s policy was to remain neutral. It did not want to be seen to be providing evidence directly to one parent. The woman complained to our Office that her personal information was being wrongly withheld from her. Principle 6Principle 6 of the Privacy Act requires that an agency that holds personal information must provide access to an individual’s…

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