Case Note 210870 [2010] NZ Priv Cmr 24 : Medical centre fails to establish identity of requester and discloses health information about a patient to their former partner

A man, M, who was involved in legal proceedings with his former partner, X, was a patient of a medical centre. The medical centre previously provided medical care to M and his family when he and X were still together. X visited the medical centre with her new partner, N, and they requested historical information about the family and, in particular, an incident which involved one of the children a number of years before. The medical centre assumed that N was M and so released all of the health information held about M, X and the children to the couple. This included a separate file relating to M which contained highly sensitive information about an anxiety disorder he was suffering from. X then attached the information obtained from the medical centre to an affidavit presented to the Family Court in an attempt to show M as a bad parent.

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