Case Note 202956 [2010] NZ PrivCmr 4: Woman complains about disclosure of transcript of meeting

A woman told us she had been the victim of bullying by a colleague. Her employer had held a meeting with her to discuss her allegations of bullying. The meeting was recorded, and a verbatim transcript produced. The employer subsequently provided a full copy of the transcript to the alleged bully. The woman considered this to be an interference with her privacy.The employer acknowledged that it had given the full transcript to the alleged bully, but believed it had a proper basis to do so under principles 11(a) and 11(d). Principle 11(a)Principle 11(a) allows an agency to disclose personal information if disclosure was one of the purposes in connection with which the information was obtained, or is directly related to that purpose. Here, the employer said that the personal information in the transcript had been obtained for the purposes of investigating the alleged bullying, and as a result the employer…

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