Case Note 200062 [2010] NZ PrivCmr 6 : Woman complains about mobile phone company taking a photocopy of her driver’s licence

A woman had a contract with a mobile phone company, and required a new mobile phone. She told us that when she went to purchase a new mobile phone the employee of the company took a photocopy of her driver’s licence. She had asked why this was required, and was told it was for security reasons’. The woman complained to us about what she saw as the unnecessary collection of personal information about her, namely her driver’s licence.We notified the mobile phone company that the complaint raised issues under rules 1, 3 and 12(4) of the Telecommunications Information Privacy Code 2003. Rule 1 provides that telecommunication information must not be collected by a telecommunications company (such as the mobile phone company) unless it has a lawful purpose, connected with one of its activities, and the information is necessary for that purpose.

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