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Fear of climate change and the resulting sustainability movement effect every sector of business and education. Either climate change is the defining crisis of our time and we need to use all the data, AI, technology and innovation to mitigate it, or we are simply experiencing part of a heating/cooling cycle that has little to do with human activity.

On either side of the climate change debate, people use data to backup their claims. Which is it? Should we harness our best data scientists, our best engineers, and our best programmers  and programs to fight climate change? Or should we continue with business as usual? If we’re talking business as usual, the truth is many businesses already presuppose climate change as a reality and have sustainability programs in place.

In a survey of 200 managers and business executives, 87 percent of respondents from large firms said they “would consider a sustainability concentration when making a hiring decision.” About 65 percent of respondents from small companies said the same.

Large firms need to think about sustainability a great deal not only because their business has more impact on the environment, but because more and more people make buying decisions based on the sustainability credentials of a …

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