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While no couple enters into a marriage thinking it’s going to end in divorce, the statistics show that nearly half of all marriages don’t last until “death do us part.” And as clinical as it may sound, big data could prove to be a much-needed solution.

The Analytical Side of Marriage

Research shows that the three most common causes of divorce are basic incompatibility (43 percent), infidelity (28 percent), and money issues (22 percent). Other causes lag far behind.

Keeping this in mind, you and your spouse can decrease your likelihood of divorce rather substantially by paying attention to these three areas. This means developing greater computability, setting up boundaries in the marriage, and regularly talking through finances.

What we just did right there was an exercise rooted in data. We took some available data points and used them to (hopefully) increase the success and longevity of your marriage or relationship. And while this was a very rudimentary and basic exercise, it’s the same sort of thing data scientists, relationship experts, and dating websites are doing with their clients on a regular basis.

eHarmony is a great example of this. As one of the most trusted names in online dating, they’re always looking for ways …

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