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Fake content is a big problem. It’s not just fake news — it’s fake websites, social media profiles, and ads. There are plenty of uses for this stuff, ranging from subversive to downright malicious intent. At its core, fake content threatens the foundation of trust in society, a foundation necessary for societies to function properly, particularly democratic societies. Russia knows this, and it’s the reason why the Kremlin has an army of trolls disseminating fake content. The ultimate goal is to undermine American and European democracies.

In American homes, families are becoming increasingly concerned about fake news. A study by Panda Security found that fake news is right up there on the list of parents’ concerns next to sexual predators. This concern affects parents’ views towards media sites: nearly 50 percent view alt-right site Breitbart as “unsafe for children” and 20 percent feel the same about CNN. Nearly 6 percent of the parents surveyed block Facebook, which has been accused of unwittingly propagating fake news that may have influenced the 2016 presidential election. In comparison, only 2.5 percent of those parents block PornHub. Sexual predators oftentimes set up fake profiles on Facebook through which they lure kids.    

Fake news isn’t the only …

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