Blockchain in Digital Marketing: Transparency, Targeting and Consumer Control

When somebody talks about blockchain, most of us usually think about Bitcoin or cryptocurrencies in general. It is only natural – after all, this technology lies at their foundation. However, there is so much more about it – blockchain will dramatically change and already changes all industries, from banking to insurance. It is not just a fad – the technology is rapidly getting introduced in new areas, and the associated industries grow at explosive rates. Over the last year, the demand for blockchain talent grew by 700 per cent, with about 40 per cent of software development projects requiring some degree of blockchain skills.

It may be unexpected, but one of the industries where it shows tremendous potential in digital marketing. In this article, we will explain why you should pay attention to this combination irrespectively of whether you are a blockchain specialist looking for an application for your skills, or a digital marketer willing to keep abreast of your competition.

1.Transparency, trust and content marketing

One of the major issues all modern businesses face is a lack of trust. People distrust small companies because they are small and aren’t well-known. People distrust big corporations because they are perceived as faceless money-making behemoths. …

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