Blockchain in 2018: Beyond the Hype

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The year 2018 is the year of blockchain applications with several ongoing use-cases coming to the realization and the vendor landscape also gained more depth and a better structure after years of press and vendor hype, fueled equally by commercial self-interest and a genuine desire for innovation. Firms like Forrester predict that we will see more serious blockchain projects in 2018. Initiatives will increasingly be assessed against standard business benefit models, and those found not up to standards will not be given the go-ahead, or they’ll be stopped if already underway.

Blockchain Tracks

To understand the direction of blockchain technology in 2018 and beyond, we need to recognize the three tracks of blockchain technology: 

Pure R&D-Track: This track is focused on understanding what it means to develop a blockchain-based system. Ideally, working on real use cases; but the ultimate goal is investigation and learning, not necessarily delivery of a working system.
Immediate Business Benefit- Track: This track covers two bases: One: learning how to work with this promising technology. Two: delivering an actual system that can be deployed in a real business context. Many of these projects are intra-company.
Long-Term Transformational Potential- Track:  This is the track of the visionaries, who recognize that to realize the true …

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