Blade Runner Rule: Public Perception and A.I. in Marketing and Brand Representation

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The role of A.I. in business is ever-expanding, with companies increasingly relying on the nascent technology for everything from analysis of data streams to brand representation. However, Markets Insider reports that consumers might not be too keen on A.I. in business — at least, not if they don’t know about them.

A digital agency group called SYZYGY recently produced research titled “Sex, Lies, and A.I.”, which yielded interesting finds:

“Research… reveals that 79% of Americans believe a new ‘Blade Runner rule’ is needed to make it illegal for A.I. applications such as social media bots, chatbots and virtual assistants to conceal their identity and pose as humans,” writes Markets Insider. “Nine in 10 (89%) of Americans believe that the use of A.I. in marketing should be regulated with a legally-binding code of conduct and almost three-quarters (71%) think that brands should need their explicit consent before using A.I. when marketing to them.”

This is an interesting find, considering that advertising professionals who are turning to A.I. are generally looking at how they can make these machines seem more human. Neil Davidson of HeyHuman argues that software that imbues machines with emotional intelligence (EI), a trait increasingly valued in the human workplace, is “the …

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