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Investment in Big Data and AI shows no signs of slowing down. Here are some of our predictions for the year to come…

Automation of human tasks 

Whilst we’re still a far cry from the hyperbolic envisioning of robots taking over our jobs and being cast into a pit of uncertainty, there is evidence to suggest that cognitive technologies are on the rise, and Big Data is helping this. The use of technology for performing more ‘human’ tasks is growing rapidly and is set to continue to grow well over the coming years, technology is being used more for tasks we always considered ‘human’, like planning, strategizing and facial recognition for example. As we’ve seen in 2017, creative industries are succumbing to this ‘take over’ in areas like writing music and literature. Forrester has even predicted that in 2018, automation will take 9% of US jobs, and will create 2%.

Machine Learning capabilities 

Machine Learning capabilities are growing rapidly, transforming business applications in all sorts of industries from medicine and healthcare, to self-driving cars, gaming, and fraud detection to name a few. We’re expecting Machine Learning processing to become even faster and smarter in 2018 where we can see it being applied to even …

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