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Back in 2012, The New York Times published an article with a title The Age of Big Data. Even then this respectable publisher already predicted the reality of 2018. Steve Lohr described in details how the collection and application of consumer data can be relevant and is already imperative to the future of every industry. Basically, back then he described what Big Data will be used for very soon (today): it is a tool which deciphers consumer buying habits based on transactions, web traffic, and social media interactions.

What changed over the six years is the mechanisms of analysis and the means the world continues investing into Big Data analysis. Today these are not clerks who work overtime to calculate the ticket sales manually, but rather complex machine learning algorithms. They are able to handle far larger data sets and identify patterns that are otherwise imperceptible to humans. With the received data analysis today large film studios are able to predict and alter for the greater profit literally everything: from the structure of a screenplay narrative to the cast and crew are chosen for a particular project.

Let’s put the heavy theory into a simple example – Netflix. The company collects all …

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