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Businesses of all sizes should be adequately prepared to invest in the infrastructure and resources to collect and analyze big data or obtain it by other means.

Big data is not simply that avalanching amount of data you aggregate in your operations. In the near future, it will become a necessity to compete effectively. However, there is a slight misconception about startup companies and big data.

It is often assumed that startups are unable to take advantage of big data because they have a smaller pool of data in comparison to larger companies. This is not true, as there are plenty of ways startups can also get involved in big data, too.

Here are a few options for startup companies to take advantage of big data to improve both their operations and customer experience.

Purchase the Data You Lack

Ideally, startups should use their own data where possible as it reflects their own actions and choices, but sometimes the pool of data on hand is just very small to work with. In that case, in order to understand your industry and audience better, it might be a good idea to purchase data from other companies or take advantage of free online datasets.

Yet, while …

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