Big Data Evolves to Unprecedented Changes of 5G

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Within the next three years, 5G will be the new standard for mobile content delivery. Industry experts have spent the last year discussing the benefits 5G will provide. However, less attention has been paid to the complex relationship between 5G and big data.

Big data needs must be addressed before 5G can be possible

The coming launch of 5G is one of the most exciting technological breakthroughs of our lifetime. However, it is taking longer than many people would hope. Broadband communication companies first discussed the introduction of 5G back in 2013, and it won’t hit the market until 2020.

The reason for the delay is simple. We still lack the infrastructure necessary to implement 5G. This will require investments in deep fibre and other hardware to support the big data needs that 5G technology is about to create. 

The seldom discussed relationship between 5G and big data

Big data has made 5G possible. The problem is that many IT providers have closed their minds to other, more promising possibilities. Previous generations of broadband cellular network technology have been far more primitive. They did not offer the IOT support or other capabilities that come with 5G.

The coming 5G networks will depend on a tremendous amount …

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