Big Data Can Help Us Evolve to the Internet of People

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Right now the biggest craze in tech is from big data and its role in helping the Internet of Things (IoT). However, many have said with more smart devices is consumerism on steroids. We can see this in a variety of products that rely on the IoT from umbrellas, which predict chances of rain to vacuums that clean your entire home. Currently, there are a variety of security issues as hackers can easily break through software that is installed on many of these devices making the user vulnerable to attack.

Big data is also being utilized for just about every sector right now, and this is to be expected. Integration of technology at times can be a slow process, but older systems are replaced with new ones. NBN plans are a prime example of the internet infrastructure upgrades happening till 2020 when fibre optic connections become the norm.

However, people as a collective need to stop thinking about how much junk they can collect, and utilize big data with nanotechnology to create an Internet of People (IoP). The concept sounds far-fetched, but this idea is not that distant, and today we will explore this a bit further.

IoT and Wearable Technology

With IoT, we’ve …

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