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Big Data technologies are actively discussed in the industry for at least the last five years. It would seem that this time is enough for the transition of big data from the field of speculation to the practical plane, into the class of productive use technologies, but last year Gartner analysts excluded Big Data from breakthrough technologies and the Hype Cycle schedule. The industry even talked about “the death of big data.”

Does this mean that the technology is becoming obsolete without reaching the stage of maturity and widespread use? Not at all. Simply the concept of “big data”, which sometimes began to include almost everything associated with the storage and analysis of data, was too blurry and fuzzy.

At The Crossroads

In the meantime, technologies and platforms for big data continue to evolve rapidly. Currently, large vendors – server and storage vendors, software developers – focus on specific areas of big data, actively interact with the Open Source community, releasing joint solutions. To make it easier and more efficient to work with big data technologies, they complement the product lines with missing features and optimize existing ones.

An interesting direction is the integration of data. For example, it allows users to work with …

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